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MX Futuro, Event promotions .

Galactic Dream a llegado, Espera la fecha de Kick off!

Booking an Artist?


Our portafolio have; DJ's, Musicians, Singers and MC live performance for any event, contact us to explain you!

Need organize an Event?


We have everything you need in audio, lights and stages for your event!



We promote all our events to be great! 



We have a special place  to continue enjoying the music, an atmospheric place to dance and meet with friends.

Outdoor Events


We organice outdoor massive events where you can explote with DJ's and Live perfomances to enjoy great music.

Traffic Nation Records


We develop our talent producers with Traffic Nation Records to release new music to our audience. 



We have the technology and infrastructure to support any kind of event, tickets online, POS administration, Planning and Logistic online to cover the event and resolve the issues in real time.


Please, send us a message with any comment or subject.